Waterbuck – the quiet warrior

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The Hunting Blog - If there is an underrated member of the African antelope clan it must be the waterbuck. Those heavily ridged horns are beautiful and selectively hunting a good bull is a real challenge. What is little understood is that they are not only tough with each other – a senior bull is merciless in punishing any challenge from juniors and may even kill them – but that they can be just as aggressive with humans. A cornered or wounded waterbuck is more dangerous than many realise. That shaggy grey coat has a strong musky odour. Many locals will tell you that this...

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Fly Girl’s Blog - A while back three of us fished one of the many small streams that flow into Lake Hawea, deep on New Zealand’s South Island. I’ve fished it before, finding a mix of rainbows and browns in the 3-6 pound range. After going deep for ‘bows in a bottomless pool we moved upstream to a riffle that looked perfect for a big, bushy Royal Wulff. It’s a go-to fly just about anywhere, particularly useful in faster water where its buoyancy and visibility have few equals. The stream here has pace and delicate dries just don’t cut it in that kind of...

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Hunting Life reviews ‘Wild South’

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A no-holds-barred review just in from US magazine Hunting Life. You can catch the full review at http://huntinglife.com/wild-south-hunting-fly-fishing-southern-hemisphere-peter-ryan/ or here. Pete...

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The Hunting Blog - Big game and game fish don’t live in places where there are plenty of jobs. Go to any developing country and it will be old people you see in the bush and in the fields. It’s a hard life. The young have moved to the city and whatever benefits that might bring them. Those who remain need a reason to be there. Guides, skippers, trackers and deckhands have jobs, which means tips and status. The cooks and other camp staff aren’t forced to be there either. I know one tracker who walked four hundred kilometres to meet a PH and ask him for work. The meat and fish from...

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Hunting the blue bull

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The Hunting Blog - Eland are the quiet achiever of African game, ticking along while everyone else gets the glory. Biggest of antelope by far – a good bull will go over two thousand pounds – they still manage to avoid being filmed in all those documentaries about life on the savannah. It’s weird. There are plenty of them out there.  Imagine driving a bus around a football field during a big game and yet none of the cameras ever manages to film it. It’s prejudice really. Eland are highly sensitive, twitchy creatures that sensibly scarper off at the first hint of danger....

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Gear Test – Remington 870

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The Hunting Blog - Nobody in their right mind reviews the 870. In the face of an ever-increasing wave of new semi-autos, a pump action looks a bit, well, dated.  No decrease in felt recoil due to space age alloys, no modified gas system or improved stock design. No radical new feed mechanism. It is what it is. Even worse it’s the best selling shotgun in history. Many manufacturers are happy with a run of ten thousand on a particular model. The 870 has ten million, and that’s just the ones we know about. Factoring in horribly cheap knock offs made in third world countries...

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Sable – heart of a lion

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The Hunting Blog - On this hunt we spent days fooling about in all kinds of terrain. You name it —woodland, savannah edges, the odd swamp. We saw sable cows and calves, even young bulls. They are truly lovely to watch, and if a stalk produced nothing but a close glimpse of their lives it was fine by me. I soon discovered that unlike most antelope that splay their hooves to drink, sable will kneel sometimes. The bulls often fight on their knees too. Why this is I can’t say. Sable are just different, and a little mystery is no bad thing. For all that we slog through msasa trees, swamps,...

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Fly Girl Poster

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Fly Girl’s Blog - Old school poster with a zest for life. Yes, they smoked pipes and killed all their fish…but also got themselves through world wars and the Depression.   Attitude counts. Fly Girl 

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