Pete Ryan has hunted and fished across four continents. His writing has appeared in quality magazines around the world, including Gray’s Sporting Journal, Sporting Classics (USA), Field Sports (UK), Wild Deer (Australia) and Sporting Rifle (UK). He is a columnist and features writer for Fish & Game New Zealand magazine and Field & Game Australia. 

He shares a small farm on New Zealand’s South Island, close to his beloved Southern Alps, with his wife, son and daughter.


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Wild South

Wild South – Hunting & Fly Fishing the Southern Hemisphere

A journey across the best hunting and fly fishing to be found in New Zealand, Australia, southern Africa, South America and more. From trout to gun dogs, birds to big game, it’s all here. 

Available in good bookstores across New Zealand. Check out the trailer or buy the signed print or Kindle editions from Amazon. Reviews are on the official Facebook page.





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Hunting New Zealand

Hunting New Zealand – Parts Unknown

Hunting New Zealand is a glimpse into the drama of red and sika stags, wild boar, tahr and chamois among the haunting Southern Alps, and friendships made hunting ducks, geese, quail and pheasant in stunning locations.

With tales of adventure and nostalgia from some of the most trusted people on the Kiwi hunting scene today, this is a book for those whose hearts belong in wild places.

Check out the trailer. Available at good bookstores across New Zealand and from Amazon.com Reviews are on the official Facebook page.



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If it's fly fishing, bird hunting, gun dogs or big game - we're there.

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