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There are phases in understanding Cape buffalo.

At first the fearsome reputation makes them intimidating to anyone on foot and up close. Then the penny drops that undisturbed buff are not that different from flighty cows.

Eventually – and this is the bit that takes some luck to get through – the third stage kicks in. Yes, left to themselves buff are mostly like cows…except for the odd psychopath with issues. Trouble is he’ll look just like all the rest, and when things go downhill they go down fast.

Bottom line is when you get the nose in the air and a hard stare don’t push it. The odds are he’ll simply run away…but maybe he’s the one in a hundred that won’t.

Of course, if you choose to take the shot, one of you is going to finish it. It’s not always possible to say which of you that will be.

That gambling element is just one reason why I love buff.