Wild South – Hunting & Fly Fishing the Southern Hemisphere

A journey across the best hunting and fly fishing to be found in New Zealand, Australia, southern Africa, South America and more. From trout to gun dogs, birds to big game, it’s all here. 

Available in good bookstores across New Zealand. Check out the trailer or buy the signed print or Kindle editions from Amazon. Reviews are on the official Facebook page.





“Pete Ryan is one hell of a writer. If he speaks to my heart he’ll speak to yours as well, no matter which side of the world any of us calls home. He writes as a man who knows the ground on which he walks, the waters in which he wades. He’s the real deal. This book is a delight.”

Roger Pinckney, Sporting Classics magazine, USA


“Sure there are those who pump out words. But unusual is the author who writes from the soul, who strings prose together to melt your heart. If this book is any example outdoor writing has come a long way in fifty years. Thankfully. At last.”

Bob South, Fish & Game New Zealand magazine


“Absolutely beautiful – a masterpiece. Shades of Ruark, Hemingway and Leopold, but with a clear voice of its own.”

Ken Tustin, wildlife biologist and outdoors author


“Once in a great while some wonderful and unexpected delight hurtles from thin air…such is the case with Peter Ryan’s marvellous book, Wild South.”
Shooting Sportsman magazine (USA). See full review here.


“I loved Wild South, from the very first page to the very last. That is what this book does – it befriends you. I can’t recommend it highly enough.” See full review here.

Marcus Janssen, Fieldsports Magazine (UK)


“Ryan not only captures what it is to hunt, but what it is to be a hunter.” See full review here.

Mick Matheson, Editor, Sporting Shooter magazine (Australia) 


“Like the finest red wine or single malt…Ryan’s finely crafted writing sets a new benchmark.”

Graeme Marshall, veteran outdoors writer, Rod & Rifle magazine


“This book is more than just about hunting and fishing…it’s really about life and man’s place within nature.” Andrew Wayment, Editor, Upland Ways (USA). See full review here.


“Deserves a place alongside authors like Hemingway, Fitzgerald and John Updike…truly epic stories that leave the reader craving the opportunity to get out into these lands.” See full review here.

Kevin Paulson, Editor, Hunting Life (USA)


“Sensitively written, captures the essence of hunting perfectly.”

Tony Orman, author and publisher, Spring Creek Press


“One of the best outdoor journals I’ve ever read…this is real literature.”

Gayne Young, writer and adventurer, Dallas Safari Club 


“A great writer, engaging the reader’s imagination, with each sentence teasing you on.”

Joan Wulff, angler, author, International Game Fish Association ‘Hall of Fame’


“Reeks of quality…you won’t be disappointed.”

Brendan Coe, Editor, NZ Rod & Rifle magazine